Drone Services


Welcome to the MCS site page for Drones Services.

MCS a CA Silicon Valley based company. Offering many services related to Drones. Aerial GIS Survey, Aerial  Asset Inspections for Pole Line Utilities, Tower Inspections, Cell Site, Micro Cell, Building, and Construction Site Inspections. MCS received its Part 107 certificate to fly drones commercially Sept. 2016. John, COO has been flying drones as a hobby for several years now. He feels so much good can come from drone technology when used within the guidelines set by the FAA.

We have a wide selection from our tool box when it comes to drone services. Along with our Class A Contractors licensee, and years of Project management experience.

                                              AERIAL PLATFORMS

          Quad Copters Pro                                                            Quad Copters





        Pre=Ordered                                                                   HEX Copters PRO


For more please email us at John@mcsinc.us